"... During a recent stay at a Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio, I tried your Diplomat Coffee filter pack and found it to be excellent. I travel a lot and enjoy the coffee makers in the rooms. I am interested in using your product in my office..."

Ms. Gail C.
Technology Coordinator
Portsmouth, Ohio

"...On my husband's last trip to Tampa, Florida, he brought me a bag of coffee that he did not drink. The bag said Arabica Coffee (gourmet coffee). Attracted by the name I called the 800 number and I was surprised when the president of the company called me back for an explanation with details about the product. I really enjoy the flavor of your coffee..."

Marie P.
Concorde, NC

Guest Supply

Diplomat Coffee has been a very important supplier to Guest Supply for over ten years and is a company with great drive. They are always working to make our sales force more knowledgeable and give them the resources they need to be successful in the coffee arena.

Randy Strickland
Purchasing Agent

American Tex-Chem Corporation

We offer a logo package to our customers and Diplomat Coffee has been a great asset in helping us build our in-room coffee program. They provide us with 100% Arabica Gourmet regular & decaf coffee as well as our logo condiment kits.

Mac Wadher

"... I just want to tell you again about the delicious COFFEE I had the experience of drinking on my visit to Arizona..."

Teresa B.
Shavertown, PA

"...I saved a packet and brought it home to try with my water just in case the water at the hotel had an influence on it. It was as good as at the hotel! I was so impressed with the quality of flavor that I had to get some for my personal use. I would recommend your coffee to any place in the world..."

James W.
Toronto, Ohio

Guest Supply

Guest Supply has worked with Diplomat Coffee for over ten years. Diplomat Coffee is one of our most respected suppliers and is very responsive to our customers needs, regardless of the challenge. Diplomat has responded with not only custom blends of coffee, but customized lease programs for one cup coffee machines that has reenergized our mutual businesses.

Leonard Merritt

F&S Distributors

Diplomat Coffee is a first-rate coffee supplier. We have been doing business with them for quite some time and they have always been outstanding in providing the best coffee and condiment packs and they are reliable in getting our orders to us promptly. Thank you Diplomat Coffee for your continued great service.

Larry Nagel